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They might visit a barber shop, where they heard the latest gossip and news. Women, Children, Slaves: Women, children, and slaves were not citizens. Women did not ask their husband's permission to do anything.

They came home expecting the house to be clean, the kids to be tidy, and dinner ready to be served. Most Greek women could not leave their home, even to visit a neighbor, unless they had their husband's permission. Wealthy women had slaves to do their chores for them. They played all kinds of games, especially games of strength and endurance. Sparta: Daily life in most of the hundreds of Greek city-states, like Athens, Corinth, Megara, and Argos, was similar.

By taking their childhood toys and leaving them at the temple of Artemis, girls showed that their childhood was officially over.

Once a suitable husband was found, girls were married off and expected to have children of their own.

Since childbirth was considered to be an unclean activity, after the child had survived for a week, there was a purification ceremony and the child was officially named.

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There’s also evidence that babies sat in high chairs and had bottles in the shape of animals.He would also begin to assist at sacrificial rituals to the gods as an official temple boy.In most city-states, boys lived in the Gynaikon and were trained by their fathers to master different crafts until they were around the age of six. Spartan boys left their families at the age of seven to be reared and educated by the state for the military.If there were complications, a male physician may have been brought in for assistance.Babies frequently died just a few days after birth, so there was generally a waiting period of about a week before a child was named.

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