Linksys 1 45 7 not updating dyndns

I have bought a Zyxel NAS 326 and now I'm having problems accessing My SQL from a machine that is not the localhost.

My SQL was installed through php-mysql-phpmyadmin APP (the only one with My SQL) and ...

linksys 1 45 7 not updating dyndns-75

I have recently moved to an area where AT&T U-Verse is the only internet connection type possible.I will be selling the NAS without disks, and expected I ...I have a GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) server and some GNU/Linux clients at home.I've noticed last week that the led indicator on the front for the second drive is red, I've checked the manual and it says: Red means ...I'm anticipating a number of almost heterogenous VMs.

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