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You have to force ring him or her form the list of call participiants. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year My sister and cousin has the 5SE phone and their Face Time group chat works. I have my son and another cousin that has the 6plus and 6s and their Group Face Time don’t work. It is an unless post, it does not answer question of the post and does not help to fix the problem.My son has the 6s and my other cousin has the 6plus and they both can’t see anyone in a Face Time group chat but we can only hear them talk. We can only hear them talk and can’t see their faces. I do have i Phone 7 and i cannot even start the group call on Face Time, since at the moment when I type in second participant the address list and the buttons for audio and video call become grey and inactive.Allowing you to experience random chat without requiring you to create an account is one of our main perks.You can talk to strangers online by simply pressing a button.Same time I can do the Face Time Group Call form i Messages form i Phone and from Mac Book Pro, but not form Face Time native app on either of them. Since I have not seen Apple answer to this question and following conversations i will give a try to answer, based on my own initial troubles with Face Time Group call and experience gained over a time on succesfull calls.Firstly to be able to make and receive Group Call all involved parties has to be on i OS12.1.1 or later, which also answers all the Questions of i Phone 7 or 6 vs SE or any other.After hearing all of the hype about group facetime, I was excited to finally use it.

If the user interface is not described in the document, reference is made to data that can be imposed on a Face Time-flow.

Aware that ” information sharing has become, in many ways, a way to keep in touch with friends, family or colleagues ” , Apple describes a method by which two mobile users can share and interact with the application data in real time.

This sharing feature also extends to what is displayed on the screen.

If the i Phone has 12.1.1 or later it can make and receive the Group calls.

Secondly, to make a call to several people at once, you have to have them in a group already.

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