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Performing on the eve of the inauguration, they were joined on stage by Zack de la Rocha for a live rendition of their collaborations, “Kill Your Masters” and “Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck).” Killer Mike also played “Reagan”—concluding with a “Fuck Ronald Reagan/Donald Trump” chant—and the duo did selections from , as well as bringing out Gangsta Boo for “Love Again.” During the show, Killer Mike gave an impassioned speech about the state of the nation. “No matter who won, the day after tomorrow, this is our mother-fucking country,” Mike says. Praia da Rocha is an enjoyable, bustling and jovial resort town, which during the summer, is one of the liveliest towns of the Algarve coastline.Just days after the news broke, guitarist Tom Morello talked to us about the truth behind the split, their So how did the idea for an album of covers come about?“This record grew out of the idea of doing a couple of bonus tracks for the live record we were working on,” he enthuses.Rage Against the Machine's Zack de la Rocha Teams with Run the Jewels on New Track Filled with de la Rocha's signature urgency and knotty poeticism, the song appears to take on the prison industrial complex and the "toxic" dead-end future faced by so many youth in our cities."Under the lights of they choppers/ Bodies tools for they coffers/ Not worth the cost of our coffins/ I stare at a future so toxic," he rages.

He’s planning to finish a book on the lives of leading black activists he’s been sporadically working on over the past few years.But for now, his priority is Rage Against The Machine. It was only recently that I actually sat down and listened to the whole thing, back to back.” Did it bring home a sense of closure to this chapter of the band’s life? “I was at my mom’s house in Illinois and Rick sent me this CD.“Obviously, we want everyone to know about these new albums,” he laughs. I just sat down and listened to it all the way through.Praia da Rocha is a town that is focused solely on two aspects; the beach and having fun.This is not a destination for an immersion into Portuguese culture; it is a place to lounge on the beach, eat great food and then embrace the night!

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