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By July, he's hanging out with Stephanie, taking her on his rounds selling pot out of an ice-cream pushcart. In the background, Squires and his wife as well as Luke's parents are having their troubles.

The movie is set in 1994 but when Luke returns to find his family being evicted there is a current model BMW 7 series, E65/E66, turning the corner in the background. See more » I walked into this film with 0 expectations having received pre-screener passes from a local record store.

Once Anson was reported to be dating Dominique Mc Elligott and even more, they were spotted together in a dinner date.

Also, Mount was reported to be in a secret relationship with Wen Yi, though they shortly broke up without any reasons disclosed.

However, the announcement of marriage never appeared.

The pair secretly broke up and the long distance relationship was alleged to be the reason for their separation.

They have been dating since 2006 and still have a happy relationship.

While she was in a relationship with Frates, she also had an encounter with Josh Peck in 2009.

Anson reportedly is married to his girlfriend-turned-wife Darah Trang following 7 months of engagement.

Recently, she was rumored of being pregnant with her long time boyfriend but she stated it all as false and has stayed clean in this regard.

Liam Neeson is set to return yet again for another spell of breakneck action and a seemingly impossible manhunt in 'Taken 3'; a movie which he claims will be the biggest of the franchise yet as the tables turn on Bryan Mills.

This is a beautifully filmed true to life story which I felt held very deep meaning about the beauty that is the start and end of relationships.

We follow the summer of two very different men in who are in very similar mindsets dealing with the personal crises, quiet pleasures, new experiences, and endless repetition that is life.

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