Is junhyung still dating hara 2way video sex chat

Because of their busy schedules, they’ve only been able to go out to eat and other dating activities three times so far.”An associate of the two revealed, “The KARA and B2ST members are all close to one another because they’ve been promoting around the same time (at Japan).

They depend on and look to each other for consolation.

Continue reading Ever since we announced that T-ara’s Ham Eunjung was picked up to be the new ‘wife’ for MBC’s “We Got Married“, the site has been buzzing over who her lucky husband would be.

Unfortunately for all you “Dream High” fans, it’s not her former co-star, Kim Soo Hyun.

The star couple raised the hopes of many as the new generation’s star couple, and the news of their separation has saddened many fans, though there are surely those that are now rejoicing over their favorite star’s single status.

An associate of Hara’s explained, “Innocence is Hara’s charm.Ahead of their Japanese comeback, their relationship has gotten a lot deeper through support meetings.”The two were caught confidently dating on the early morning of June 9th, the day Junhyung returned from B2ST’s Japanese concert.After drinking coffee at a take out cafe in Kangnam, the two drove around the area before parking near Junhyung’s home.T-ARA‘s Jiyeon and actor Lee Dong Gun dated for 2 years before breaking up earlier this year.With the latest couple "Kaistal" (Kai and Krystal) joining the Asian pop dating scene, we take a look at some of our fave couples that came forward to say they're dating AFTER the pictures were leaked XD 12.

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