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There was another Indian guy i tried to date but he was like you said, obsessed with money and seriously was asking me how much i make and how much i pay in rent each month.I was invited by friends on there because we would Role Play.

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I remember i once entered a general chat area just to see what it was like and started getting friended by all these much older arab and indian guys. I had to take that chat service off my phone because these perves would wake me up calling my phone in the middle of the night. It's a bunch of prepubescent girls on here and these guys are just sitting there hounding anything that they even think might be female!

Having said that, there are so many people out there who are not like that and I am so thankful to people like those because of whom I was able to come out of there.

I am an African American woman and I have dated/tried to date men of various races. " You have never even seen me face to face before but im wifey now? I was invited to join this chat group or something like that.

I went India for 6 days and ended up staying for almost 6 months.

I was beaten up, my phone was taken away, I was kept inside the house and everything happened to me which used to only happen in movies. I managed to make a new passport, apply for visa and come back to my wife but I am still trying to convince them and i am still unsuccessful.

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