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” he asked as Daisy stood in front of his chair waiting for the touching to begin, Gramps held out his hand and run it straight up the inside of Daisy’s thigh, it went up inside her shorts and Daisy grimaced as she felt it touch her labia lips, he quickly withdrew feeling my cum on his fingers, “Oh dear” he said in a grumpy voice, “Is someone with you?

” he… Read more Chapter 1 Debbi and Mark appeared to be the perfect couple.

Also visible a certain humidity that begins to take care of the region, his fleshy mouth eats the fabric, which… Read more I arrived in the parking lot of the local adult bookstore. I climbed in the bed and spooned him, and kissed the nape of his warm neck taking in the manly musky smell that is my Master Daddies body cologne, when he said in a whispered tone, “I got a stiffey.” “Really and why is that Master Daddy?

She was wearing clothes, whic… Read more I put a board with a hole in it over your lap and legs then I pull your cock and balls throw the hole and make you wear it like a cockring while laying on your back then I tie up your legs and hands to your bed then I put a gag in your mouth then I shoe and put it on your cock then I twist it with my foot against the wood and with my other foot I step on your nuts making you cry in pain then as I'm doing this I smack you in the face yelling at you to shut up and don't cry you little Sissy BITCH boy then I jump up and down on you cock and balls making your make up run in with your tears then I… Read more I just got out of a hot bath, my body is clean and dripping water as I stand on the bath mat.I pretend it’s a hard cock and start moving it in and out of my dark steamy hole. I go online and put an ad on Craigslist with my address in code and the line my front door is unlocked, and my backdoor is is wide open. After an hour or so I start to drift off, then I hear the front doo… Read more Kelly and I have been friends for a long time and I never really thought about our relationship together.We had always mutually pleasured each other without a single qualm.Chel comes towards me, sensual and at the same time angelic that figure who walks on his knees in his mother's bed. I can see the exposed rear of a young man bent up just… Read more Boris Johnson’s At number ten Sitting at his desk in his stripy pjs Reading the times munching on corn flakes.It stands on my chest, it rises, its thick thighs are in front of me and it is possible to perceive the stew behind the little white panty that barely covers its vagina, I see some rebellious hairs that run away from the tiny fabric. Paddington bears tied the security guard to the gates he knows he’s a fan of soft bondage Boris drops his spoon as Paddington’s banging against his window Good morning mr primemister Im staying at the savoy and they seem to have run out of marmalade And that Ed Sheeran fella has just been arrested for stealing all the ketchup It’s on the news Boris drops his spoon as hundreds of naked people on bikes cycle past his window Boris Scratches his messy hair I’ll call the but… Read more Master Daddies Friday morning cockslut I woke up this Friday morning like every other morning I get out of bed and hit the shower, but when I got out of the shower this morning, and went back into the bed room to get some stuff I need for my day I saw my Master Daddy laying there with his ebony skin dewy with sweat from the night.

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