How to go from dating into a relationship dating express online com

There's no secret formula for getting someone to commit — I'll try to figure that out in another blog.

But if you're hoping to have more "relationships" instead of "casual dating" in 2010, here are some pointers to get you where you want to go: You might be heading into a serious relationship without even knowing it.

If you get into a serious relationship, it's time to stop one-night stands, stop getting wasted so much, and stop going everywhere in groups with your friends.

Priorities and time budgeting certainly change once you're in a relationship. What adjustments and strategies do you think are useful to go from a "dater" to more of a "relationship" person?

Remember how hard it is to find someone special, and you'll feel lucky every day.

If you take someone for granted, they might turn into the one that got away. There's an element of a natural fit, but all relationships require work.

But we should learn to see a commitment as a beginning instead of an ending.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a romantic, just one with a bit more patience.You have to be ready for things to get more intense, and accept the responsibility of a serious relationship.There are many reasons for seeing other people: keeping your options open, protecting yourself from getting in too deep, etc.The main reason I'm so bad at committing is because I'm lazy.No room for laziness if you're going to be in a serious relationship.

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