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If both people are playing by the same dating rules, sex can serve as the gateway to a consensual, committed relationship."I thought there were differences between men and women and how they felt about relationships.She also says the conversation, like the primping, should happen at the same time -- before that big date."Think about your sexual boundaries before you've had that first drink," Mc Clary advises. It felt right, we were getting on well and it turned into a serious relationship. It just depends on what you are after and what is right for you. I won't wait until we are exclusive because I need to know if we have good sexual chemistry before I commit to an exclusive relationship. my current boyfriend i had sex with on our first date.I've had a lot of bad experiences with people who are too aggressive so the more aggressive someone seems without respecting my boundaries the longer I'll wait & the likelier I am not to pursue them. I don't have the patience for a mediocre sex life.While you can't apply a one-size-fits-all response to sexual dating rules regardless of age or experience, professionals who have studied the topic say it is a good idea to develop a set of prudent dating rules - before the big date.

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Planned sex, to me, isn't what sex is all about.

"You might find that you don't even like the person," Allen tells Web MD.

Other experts agree that sex too-soon can lead to undesirable consequences.

According to the singles whom Allen has encountered, boomers generally play by far different dating rules than young, 20-something daters.

"I spoke with a young man in his early to mid-20s who told me that if he didn't have sex on the first or second night, he'd move on to the next person," she recalls.

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