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She had a slightly bulging belly, but without any folds. She had a long hair which reached half her back, and which she used to tie in the form of a bun. And whenever they had sex it would be over in 3-4 minutes. My Father got an offer from Chicago University for research for 4 years in the US. Just about a week before my father was to leave, he received a call from his collage time junior from Kanpur University. As I got up from my chair to close it, I saw Parvati and Mujahid standing together, preparing food.Earlier, as I had seen in albums, she used to wear Sarees, typical Bengali style, sleeveless, low cut and almost backless. But the tight figure hugging churidaars and kameez with small sleeves looked good on her too. Then I developed the habit of watching the activities of my parents through the attic window. My mother barely used to respond to such sessions, she would just lay there motionless. My mother was not willing to go as my studies would have been affected and asked father to rethink. They had their backs towards me, They were standing very close together, his right arm was almost touching the smooth left arm of my mother. I closed the door, but started watching from the keyhole from where they were clearly visible.Mujahid poured whisky and both took a sip each and said, “Cheers to our new Beginning” and started to eat.Parvati, “Ooummm, it is delicious, never knew beef could be so tasty.” Mujahid, “I knew you would like it.” What was shocking was that my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati, broke her fast of Karva Chauth not by drinking water and eating rice but by drinking whisky and eating beef in the company of a Muslim man, Mujahid Kaleem, who was not her husband. But more shocks were to come, when she talked dirty with Mujahid: Parvati, “This beef is tasty, now I’ll taste some delicious cock as well and then drink the butter that will come out of it” and winked at Mujahid.

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The next whole day in school I imagined whether Parvati and Mujahid kiss each other while being in office or in car or elsewhere. There was more than 150GB of data with more than 1000 files. She opened up her closet and took out her wedding saree as I had seen in her album.Honestly I too am excited at the prospect of a Hindu married woman cheating on her husband with a Muslim man. This is the story of my Mother, Parvati Goswami Dixit, who is 46 years old now. Here she fell in love with her advisor, a brilliant intellect and Indologist, Mahesh Dixit.Hope your site will continue to upload such stuff in future. They married within 6 months, she was 24 and he was 36 already. She completed her doctorate and joined the Lucknow University as faculty in the same department as my father.But her face had sharp features, big eyes in which she always used to wear mascara. When Mujahid came down to help her, he again praised her for her looks. I heard the sound of Mujahid entering our house to help in kitchen. Within 4 days, he had built a very good understanding with my Mother.A nose ring and the big bindi on her forehead added to her appeal. She had fuller body, but the flesh on her body was in proper proportions. So they decided to stay away from each other for a while. I somehow liked the two of them getting together well. Around 20 minutes later, my door opened by itself due to wind draft.

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