Hayley williams and chad gilbert still dating

In 2013, she was featured in the Song 'Stay the Night ' by Zedd.A few remixes of the song and the single itself was featured on i Tunes.In the September 2009 issue of Alternative Press #255, Williams and Paramore guitarist Josh Farro confirmed they had been dating for nearly three years before splitting in the fall of 2007."We didn't know if it would look bad," says Williams.First thing that I found out was that Hayley and Chad broke up for the first time during the first parahoy, Chad himself talked about it in a radio station, but didn't said the reason of why they broke up, but they end up finding their way back together again and got engaged on Christmas.But here's the most upsetting, they also "broke up" during 2015 while engaged.In 2002, age 13, Williams moved from her hometown Meridian, Mississippi, to Franklin, Tennessee, where she met fellow band members Josh Farro and Zac Farro in school.

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No wonder why her depression and anxiety started in this period of time (she talked about it the beats 1 interview).

On October 2, during Brand New Eyes Fall US Tour, it was announced that a few tour dates were postponed due to Hayley Williams becoming infected with laryngitis.

Hayley had created the song 'Teenagers ' by herself as a track for the film Jennifer's Body.

Other weird song he also wrote on his solo project - What's Eating Gilbert - is Bad Mood, he literally complain that partner depression and problems annoys and bothers him, it shouldn't be this way, he also has a bad past in his past marriage, it ended cause guess what? Anyway, I think that Hayley only put up with that cause it's the only kind of love that she knows I mean, she dated Josh for almost four years and the started dating with Chad and they're together for almost ten years, and also her parents ended up splitting when she was only a child witch gave her the sense that no matter what, she needs to fight and work hard for a relationship.

In The Only Exception it's pretty clear this sad concept on love that she has.

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