Guys dating girls out of their league online dating and complications

[Read: 12 prince charming traits that make girls swoon] #7 Find out her weakness.

Women have weaknesses for all sorts of things, from sweets to cute, cuddly creatures.

Whenever you do come near her, make sure you’re as pristinely presentable as possible! She won’t feel threatened or weirded out since she has already seen you around.

Once you get past the initial greetings, then you can move on to small talk and, after a while, a real conversation.

She’s the one who has every guy worshiping the ground she walks on. But as you look around you and see all these other guys who would sacrifice a limb to go out on a date with her, you’re probably already losing heart. Just look at whom Christina Hendricks, the buxom beauty of Mad Men, is married to. 9 ways to get the girl of your dreams If you feel like your chances are closer to zero when it comes to dating her, check out these tried and tested tips! At first, you have to ask yourself why you want to date her in the first place.

You can show her what you’re good at and hope that this can be enough to pique her interest.

For instance, you can ask her to watch your band play at one of your gigs.

You don’t have to listen to all their albums, but you can listen to some of their more popular songs.

You can ask her which of their songs she likes, and you can mention that you actually prefer one of their other songs.

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