Gta san andreas dating helena wankstein

Name: Michelle Cannes Location: Inside Driving School Available: - Likes: 20 - 40% muscle, 20 - 50% fat. Rewards: - While dating her you keep your weapons after been busted and are charged no Bail fee. - 50% Unlocks her Romero (Hearse) - 100% delivers the Medic outfit to your wardrobe. - She does'nt like where she lives so take her to a bar outside her neighbourhood. Name: Millie Perkins Location: Unlocked after the mission 'Key to her Heart' Available: to and - Likes: Fast cars, Gimp suit and double-sided dildos. Good date: 5% Failed date: -5% Flowers: 1% Dildo: 1% Vibrator: 1% Successful kiss: 1% Failed kiss: -1% Sex: 5% Missed Date: -2% There are 3 different gives that you can give your girls. Double Ended Dildo: Found in the Showers of the LS police Staion.Vibrator: Found behind a dumpster at the area near the Boat School. Remember you do NOT need to achieve 100% with them to complete the game 100%.

There are three kind of dates: dancing, go out for a meal and go out for a drive. During a date you can give your girlfriend a gift to satisfy her and improve your progress with a girl.Most of the girlfriends don't like the last mentioned.When you go inside the establishment, you'll see a short cut scene.- 100% unlocks the Pimp Suit which will then be delivered to your wardrobe. - 100% delivers the racing outfit to your wardrobe. Name: Helena Wankstein Location: Shooting targets on the roof of Ammunation, Blueberry, Red County. Additional Info: - She does'nt like going fast so drive very slowly. Name: Barbara Schternvart Location: Police Parking lot in El Quebrados. Name: Katie Zhan Location: At the edge of Avispa Country Club golf course in San Fierro. - Many people had problems with Millie not being available. To fix it simply turn up at the given time dressed in the Gimp suit.Additional Info: - She'll start inviting you in for coffee at 40%. Additional Info: - She'll start inviting you in for coffee at 40%. - She likes rural areas and some nice parts of town. Available: - Likes: 10% - 15% muscle, 60% - 100% fat. Additional Info: - She likes the area all around El Quebrados. Available: - Likes: Muscles 75% Rewards: - While dating her you keep your weapons after being wasted and are charged no Hospital Fee. You won't have to go on a date with her as she invites you in for coffee straight away. Your stats with the girl increase or decrease depending on what you do.

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