Just Cause 3 will be out on the 1st December this year.The new Doom game will be out in Spring 2016, and it looks to be a return to the original games stylistically. None of the ‘lurking in the shadows’ style of Doom 3.The franchise will work cross-platform between PC and PS4, allowing for a larger roster of online fighting.A new game in the Tom Clancy universe, The Division sees you as a sleeper agent, awakened as the technology our modern world is built on, fails and society as we know falls into chaos.

This and more controls within defence and midfield could make this one of the best Fifas yet.

Due out 8th March next year, expect more Clancy tactical and strategic gameplay, set in a world that has completely broken down.

The new Star Wars game will be available on the 17th November this year and will undoubtedly be the most realistic galaxy yet.

GTA V has been on the shelves for quite some time now, especially for console owners but, as always, the definitive PC version always comes out much later.

The benchmark of sandbox games finally reached the PC in April this year, and the vibrant, living, breathing city of Los Santos never looked more beautiful.

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