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She had already chugged the second beer and was chugging her third.

I was still chugging my second beer and struggling to keep up with her.

However, the two girls had turned over onto their knees and were letting each of the four guys take turns fucking them. She would watch, then look at me with a grin on her face.

As a result, Megan, and many other girls hung out in my dorm twenty-four hours a day.

As an unexpected gift, my roommate dropped out of college less than a month into the semester. Nevertheless, this allowed Megan to practically move in with me.

I could tell by the grin on Megan’s face that she was curious to see what was going on.

We walked down there and the crowd of people, at the door, parted a little to let us see what was going on. One girl was on a bed, letting two guys fuck her spit-roast style.

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