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2'"^ recueil; Dix-huit fugues pour I'orgue ou le pianoforte, extraites des ceuvres 8, 10, 11.

For the Libretto see Campistron, Jean Gal- bert de.

Must be reassuring to Kelly to know that she has a stunt double.

However, she should find a smarter one as kelly could only use her stunt services as part of a work release program from her majesty's gaol...

2in M.4i4-43-ii Ach Herr, wie sind meiner Feinde so viel.

(Founded upon romance.) Composed by Franco M.443.9 Akimenko, Fedor.

Vollstandiger Klavierauszug [mit Text] von Egon Pollak.

Sur des noels anciens a 4 voix mixtes, sopranos, altos (ou 2* sopr.), tenors et basses, avec ac- compagnement d'orgue, par Fre.

M.453.46 Account, An, of printed musick for violins, hautboys, flutes and other instruments by several masters. A, of such foreign words as are made use of in musick books. [1909-] M.389.58 Der Mensch und das Leben, Gedicht von Otto Ludwig. I in M.357.29 Albert THE PUBLIC LIBRARY OF THE CITY OF BOSTON Alcock Albert, Eugene Francis Charles d'. Komische Oper in vier Aufzugen nach der gleichnamigen Komodie von August Vacquerie von Rudolf Lothar. I28.66 Another song with the same title may be found on pp. [Partition de pianoforte et partie de violon.] Bruxelles.

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