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But there are still many people who have populated the internet with alternate personas.They create avatars and fake names and sometimes even fake opinions.A women tracked him down (it was relatively easy, since his handles were the same across several websites) and found his Twitter account.She tweeted at the company he was sending a resume to, showing them the game he had created, and let others know that he was responsible.Prospective employers might check, or they might get someone to friend me and unearth my whole dirty history. Anyone can accidentally forward a very private email to someone you know.Anyone can enter your name into a search engine and likely find out more about your life than you ever knew was available for public access.Don’t tell them your name, or where you live, or how old you are, or what school you go to. In college, I joined an online text-based RPG and had a blast. Yet we do guard our privacy on the internet – viciously, in some cases.Don’t tell them anything about you.” And I rolled my eyes and promised I wouldn’t because I had never intended to in the first place. I made friends and we all talked frequently outside the game, emailing each other at length about any number of topics. You don’t know who these people are.” “Mom,” I assured her, “I really do. We are particular about who can view our Facebook accounts, Twitter feeds, who can have our email addresses.

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A large portion of the online community has thrown up their hands in a collective sigh of relief, but a sizable number are enraged – by bringing the names of these people to light, real life identities have been comprised and people’s lives have been altered for the worse.

Recently, a man who had been brutally harassed by an internet troll for three full years used this technology to find the person who had made his life hell, day to day.

That troll, shockingly, turned out to be the son of a family friend.

They use the internet and make friends, like I did.

They offer up their real names and real information about their lives, and they do it without fear.

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