First online dating message tips

If you are into online dating, you must get sure that your first text message to a girl doesn’t contain words like “luv”, “ur”, “cant”, “wat”, “realy”, “gal”, etc.

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And doing that, you definitely don’t want to look dumb.

Instead they are starting to send thousands of messages to all of the girls that they see, without a second thought about the quality of the their first message.

Why first message is so important in online dating?

Some like first messages to be witty, some like them funny, still you need to know online dating tips to get response from the girl. Quality over quantity As mentioned above, the multitude of girls on dating sites may easily spoil you, but instead of sending thousands of silly messages in hopes to get response at least from one of the girls, it is better to be picky.

It would be ideal if you focus on one girl, still you can pick two or three.

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