Filemaker calculation field not updating bible verses for dating couples

If an account is past due, the script shows a message and prompts the user to click a button labeled Ignore, Send Letter, or Send Mail (set up through the Show Custom Dialog script step).

Unlike many other programming languages, File Maker uses the semicolon as a separator between parameters to a function.

But, two weeks later, when that date does come, I would like the calc field to indicate that the student is now in school. I'd never compare my expertise to the resident gurus, but unless this is a trick question, when defining the calculation click on [storage options] then [indexing] then select the box "do not store; calculate when needed".

How can I get the calc field to update itself at the appropriate time to show that the student, who wasn't in school when the record was created, is now in school because the "Arrival" date is now the current date? I had tried to have the calculated field set to "do not store..." so that it would update as needed, with the result that the relationship didn't work and my class lists of current students were blank. De Looze wrote: ----------------------------- This list is a free service of Omni Pilot Software, Inc. Unless you have a huge number of students, this should not slow down the database down too much.

It is the best e-mail extraction tool I've come across and Ralph was good enough to write an additional feature (when I asked him to) which drops the key data into a csv-delimited file for importing into a database.

(Most of the other e-mail tools were aimed at mass mailers who only want to harvest e-mail addresses.) Regards, George Derrick Fogle wrote: ----------------------------- This list is a free service of Omni Pilot Software, Inc. manage ----------------------------- This list is a free service of Omni Pilot Software, Inc. manage Thank you all, Thank you for taking the time to reply to me, very kind indeed.

On the other hand, you might try restructuring your relationship by using an unstored calculated field [Todays Date; = Get(Current Date)] (in the "parent" table) and a mult-predicate relationship (join) Todays Date But, sometimes we know a student will be joining us at a future date, maybe 2 weeks from now.However, it appears that you are also using this field as part of a join (relationship) on the "child" side, so the field must be indexed (hence stored).But you cannot have it both ways (stored and unstored).If either of these calculations are , the time will update as needed.For performance reasons, making a calculation field unstored is not always the best idea.

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