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We have to say, the girls looked pretty nerdy back in the days, who'd have thought that these ladies were going to become one of the most influential girl groups of all time!

But honestly, Tina Knowles got so much better at picking their looks later on, this one is definitely not giving us superstar vibes.

Lyndell admitted to messing it up with the singer, which is something he will probably always regret.

But hey, Beyoncé found her happiness with someone else and became one of the women who run the world, so she's totally fine.

We do have to say that weirdly enough we are kind of digging their '80s inspired colorful outfits! After that, it was evident that something needs to be changed and soon afterward Beyoncé and Kelly became members of Destiny's Child — a girl group that didn't go for an obvious TLC vibe like Girls Tyme did.

The two had their ups and downs, but they are certainly still one of the world's most powerful couples!

DESTINY' S Childs' roots can be traced way back to 1990, when Beyonce Knowles first met rapper La Tavia Roberson.

Beyoncé's mother Tina owned a popular hair salon in Houston, Texas in the '90s and obviously, Beyoncé was a regular there.

Having her mom do your hair every day must have been really nice as it meant she pretty much never had any bad hair days — and according to When Destiny's Child started becoming popular everyone immediately noticed that the girls not only looked great but also had very cool matching looks going on.

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