Expanding your online dating options

Researchers Josue Ortega of the University of Essex in the U. and Philipp Hergovich of the University of Vienna in Austria have been studying how our changing social webs have been changing society.

The more important people for your romantic life existed in your outer circle—people introduced to you by your close friends and family, folks you’d run into at places you hung out, someone you’d meet in class or at church.Interracial marriage has been on the rise since it was legalized across all states in 1967.But after the first dating websites, including Match.com, were launched in 1995, there was a rapid increase in interracial marriages, the researchers found.When you meet a potential match online, they’re typically a complete stranger, someone totally out of your orbit (unless you live in a small town).With so many people making connections like this these days, there’s a cross-pollination of social circles that didn’t exist previously, the researchers believe.

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