Evan marc katz online dating advice

And even though that relationship didn’t work out, I felt it was very much a step in the right direction for me. (To be clear, that doesn’t mean chemistry isn’t important. So, most dating coaches for men are pick-up artists. He’s into relationships and marriage, so that’s what his coaching practice is based around.I was finally choosing men for the right reasons (ie. Also, as a man who went on around 300 dates over 10 years – mostly thanks to online dating – before he met his wife, he feels he’s able to help women understand men better, stop wasting time on the wrong guys, and start focusing on the right guys.

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I’m sure there were a few instances in which he wanted to reach through the screen and choke me. While we’ll never agree on everything, we still respect and admire each other.

Having said that, most of his advice is gender-neutral, and on the occasions he coaches men, he says he gives them pretty much the exact same advice as he gives us gals.

He has also absorbed almost every book, article and statistic on dating, relationships and marriage in his time as a dating coach, and has created practical steps for finding and keeping a loving life partner.

The Love U curriculum consists of 6 modules that take you right through from bitter singlehood to a happy marriage.

The modules are broken down as follows:♥ Past Baggage ♥ ‘Why Bother’ Syndrome ♥ Confidence ♥ Take Action♥ Meeting Men ♥ Flirting ♥ Online Dating ♥ First Dates ♥ Courtship♥ Staying Cool ♥ Sex ♥ Being Selective ♥ Becoming Exclusive♥ Boyfriend Material ♥ Masculine & Feminine Energy ♥ Alpha Males & Beta Males ♥ Understanding Men ♥ Chemistry♥ How to Talk with Men ♥ Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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