Error updating view in names nsf view is damaged

Updall Updall is similar to Update but it does not run continually or work from a queue. You can specify options when you run Updall but without them, Updall updates any view indexes or full-text search indexes on the server that need updating.Like Update, Updall rebuilds all corrupt view indexes and full-text-search indexes that it encounters.This style of compacting is somewhat slower than in-place compacting with space recovery only and assigns new DBIIDs to databases.If you use it on logged databases with a certified backup utility, perform full backups of the databases shortly after compacting is complete.If you use copy-style compacting on logged databases (using the -c option), compacting assigns new DBIIDs, so when using a certified backup utility, perform full backups of databases shortly after compacting completes.When you use copy-style compacting, users and servers cannot edit databases during compacting and they can only read databases if the -L option is used.Tip: Use this compacting method most frequently since it is the fastest and causes the least system impact.

Note that the unused space calculation is not always a reliable measure of unused space.By default, Updall is included in the setting, Server Tasks At2, so it runs daily at 2 AM.Running Updall daily helps save disk space by purging deletion stubs and discarding unused view indexes.Domino also uses this style of compacting when you use the -B option.To optimize disk space, it is recommended that you run Compact, using the -B option on all databases once a week or once a month.

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