Error updating the administration application pool credentials sharepoint

The general idea is to have a reference for common queries and so on.I will update this article over time as “new” things are “discovered”.When we hit Start in Services in Server a series of tasks are run, which are akin to running the second stage of the Forefront Identity Manager setup.Those include things like setting up certificates, windows services, installing database schemas so on.Hacking out a solution is not a good idea, and will almost certainly cause you further problems in the future.You can however, manually kick things back to the state before the starting of the UPS service instance. the account that the two FIM services run as (which is the Farm Account).Before I dive in, I must stress that the number one reason people have problems is that they do not follow the procedure!No really, I can’t count the number of times steps have been missed or I get a response like “oh, I didn’t think I needed to do that”.

Well, 15 provisioning runs will be attempted before it gives up.

If you follow the procedure you will be successful unless you are hitting an environmental or other known issue.

I won’t detail all of the known issues in this article, but rather cover the most common ones.

If something is incorrect, it will try all 15 times, and more often than not, fail 15 times.

That’s why it appears to be “stuck” when in fact its attempting each of the runs.

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