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Stoppard has written one novel, Lord Malquist and Mr Moon (1966), set in contemporary London.Its cast includes the 18th-century figure of the dandified Malquist and his ineffectual Boswell, Moon, and also cowboys, a lion (banned from the Ritz) and a donkey-borne Irishman claiming to be the Risen Christ.Stoppard was born Tomáš Straussler, in Zlín, a city dominated by the shoe manufacturing industry, in the Moravia region of Czechoslovakia.He is the son of Martha Becková and Eugen Straussler, a physician employed by the Bata shoe company.

"I fairly often find I'm with people who forget I don't quite belong in the world we're in", he says.

His parents were non-observant Jews, members of a long-established community.

Just before the German occupation of Czechoslovakia, the town's patron, Jan Antonín Baťa, transferred his Jewish employees, mostly physicians, to branches of his firm outside Europe.

Jumpers (1972) places a professor of moral philosophy in a murder mystery thriller alongside a slew of radical gymnasts, and Travesties (1974) explored the 'Wildean' possibilities arising from the fact that Vladimir Lenin, James Joyce, and Tristan Tzara had all been in Zurich during the First World War.

In his early years, he also wrote extensively for BBC radio, often introducing surrealist themes.

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