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Renaldo claimed in his defense that he was born in Camden, New Jersey and only later raised in Romania as Basil Couyanos by people whom he sometimes referred to as "mother" and "father", but other times by their Christian names, Demetri and Theodora. He claimed Romanian nationality when he took a job on a French freighter, and entered the United States in 1917, registering as a foreign seaman; in court records, he claimed that this occurred four years later in 1921, but the prosecution produced evidence that he was listed as a coal passer on the S. Puget Sound in 1917, and first entered the United States when this ship landed at Baltimore, Maryland that year.

Failing to support himself as a portrait painter, he tried producing short films.

But, picture this - Cisco wore an all black outfit with fancy embroidery (and it never got dirty)!

He was orphaned and never knew his exact place and date of birth, though that is thought to be April 23, 1904.

Renaldo was arrested for illegal immigration in 1934 (he was a sailor on a ship that docked in Maryland in the late 1920s but caught fire at the pier and burned, stranding him in the US).

There was some confusion as to his birthplace--he was orphaned as a child in Europe and didn't know where he was born--and since the authorities didn't know to which country he should be deported, he was imprisoned for a year.

Back in about 1929 there was a short story written that was called The Caballero's Way.

Just click on the center button in the video box below and watch Cisco and Pancho ride across the screen again!

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