Drug expiration dating calculations

Such changes can result in a less effective product, or one that causes more painful administration and unpredictable absorption.The agents selected in this calculator should therefore be labeled with an expiration date of no more than 28 days, and discarded after this timeframe.

The Mouse Dosage Calculator The Mouse Dosage Calculator is a computer-based spreadsheet application designed using the Microsoft Excel 2010 software platform.Calculating appropriate dilutions and doses for mouse injectable analgesics and anesthetics can be an intricate and time-consuming process.Determining the correct amount to administer to a mouse is dependent on several variables including animal weight, acceptable injection volume, and simultaneous administration of multiple drug agents.An inappropriate dilution or a miscalculated dose can result in excessive anesthesia or death of the animal.To simplify and streamline the process of mouse drug dilution and calculation, we have created an electronic dosage calculator in Microsoft Excel for administering injectable anesthetics and analgesics to mice.

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