Did nat and rosalina dating in real life Chat china sex families

In the show she does but in real life she has/had a boyfriend but they just broke up. Plus you may see them kiss alot in some of the Naked Brothers Band episods but that's pretend to look real.

Allie is a hired actress to play rosalina in the shows they look like their dating but no. Only on her character she potrayed did she date Nat.

Allie is an accomplished writer, avid gymnast, cheerleader and softball player.

Her goal is to attend college, become a broadcast journalist like Barbara Walters and work for a magazine in NYC.

I started acting when i was 5 my first t.v show was called late night with david letterman when i was in Kindergarten. Other tv credits include one life to live SNL and commercials. My goal is to attend college, become a journalist, and work for a magazine in NYC.

----FACTS---- Name: Alexandra Jean Dimeco Date of birth:9 September 1992 Nick Names: Allie, Rosalina, Alexa Eyes: Brown Height:5ft 3 Siblings:1 Sibling Jolee Pets: Chloe my Dog Fave Clothes: Gucci, D&G, Diesel, Fcuk, Gap and Macy's. I play rosalina in naked brothers band and i have a lot of proof i am real. Im a actress who play rosalina in the naked brothers band.

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nat is still performing with aex and nat and rosilina hardly talk so really nothing is going on with nat and rosalina no,(thank god)cuz rosalina is fine.truth is nat is dating some chick named bianka(sorry for the girls) yes because they mach . any way nay and rosalina aka allie arent going out and they should No.

Other television credits include One Life to Live and SNL as day player for both and many different network commercials.

Theater credits include being on the national tour for the japanese play "The King and I" in 1998-1999 as Princess Ying Yawolak.

well rosalina is 20 years old and she really isnt doing any other things in her life.

: D she is super mad at him for kissing juanita and it turns out that alex is her new says its through with nat and now her and alex always kiss in front of nat and kiss so hard and alex calls her hottie and rosalina calls alex sexy beast oh my gosh nat is horrible!

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