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Chapter Three focuses on building community support, designing a community education campaign, working with the press, sponsoring public meetings, and responding to the opposition. CASE STUDIES OF EXISTING SBHCS WITH CONDOM AVAILABILTIY 121 A- Baltimore, Maryland: Case Study of a City Program 121 1. Nonprofit organizations or coalitions can usually identify an attorney willing to provide pro bono (firce) or low-cost legal services. School Board Authority School board or administrative authority is governed primarily by state law.Chapter Four discusses the condom availability program design team, how to design the program, staffing and training, student education and counseling, parent involvement, condom purchasing information, and budgets and financing. Chapter Six focuses on legal issues, the school board* s authority, parents' rights, and students* rights. School boards and administrators will usualfy rely on the advice of the school district's legal counsel. Although states differ in the extent of control they delegate, local school boards are generally given broad authority to conduct activities or programs and expend funds to meet the needs of their students. states are encouraging "school-based management** as a strategy for improving the quality of solutions to local school problems, such as rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). SCHOOI^BASED HEALIH CENTERS/HEALIH CARE SERVICE DELIVERY 141 A. The Guide for Condom Ai Kdlabt Uty Programs helps ofilcials and community organizations gain public support for school-based condom availability by providing information on why such a program is important x^ in d V t9 TJ f) «i ir-H i« 4» n q * d Jl• B XI rt ^ Q 4J -I M d B « f». O H d t^* d «i «tf • •fl N H tl 3 fl p d P V O M « :ii X! M « fl -I fl H u m o a o c M o o» I 8 *^ 2 •d 4J •3 ° J! What was the most valuable portion of the workshop? What was the least valuable portion of the workshop? Do you have suggestions for how the training could be improved? £ « C ^ M M mo • T3 0 0 m-^ o m ^ a u m Otu o o m um^ . unknown Total Number of Encounters During this month, what types of information or assistance were requested by students? The risk of bad publicity and the financial and human resources required to defend against any legal challenge should not be taken lightly. However, no policy, educational or otherwise, ever has ^ 100 percent of the public's support. D.l Sample Parental Consent Form LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT HIV/AIDS PREVENTION PROGRAM PARENT/GUARDIAN CONSENT FORM Dear Parent o » • o _ • 41 -H « o « « c xs o 41 XJ • O ^ ^ C C • 41 «2 •H C-H « u « • • £ • ^ • ^ H 9 o O 4i ^ £ « II m ^ m mum s X 8 i S 3 u m m 4i u c « 3 O ^ u c c m m n o u u « • m U %4 o o 4i 3 3 4i U O 4i 0 9. This hesitancy is understandable because schools need to maintain the goodwill of the communities they serve. m V/AIDS AND SEXUALTIY EDUCATION 137 A- Organizations 137 B. It often reflects the view of a small minority and may have little legal merit This fact should not be obscured by the tone, fenror and publlc^ity afforded legal challenges. »• N n M «j .-H ERIC CPO 1993 — ATTACHMENT IV •€ Sample Training Evaluation Form, Thm canter for Population Options ! However, a distinction must be made between lawsuits that harass and intimidate and those that might prevail in court It is also important to remember that a lawsuit, or the threat of a lawsuit, does not represent community consensus.

t VI 0*3 CJ H ^ V w o il "2 o 5 ^ u ^ "•a a 9 8^ 5 t J Id -I ^ VI U Id N M u Id « . CI O ^§ •a O M 1 - 4i JO o o o 3 c o M M M s I ERIC 8 O s a s 4J U O C O « • m 5 Li • C • S Sop 5-H c vi • R • • • p g « « • O ,^5 s • O 4J - • • • • o • o • • u . Threats of court action are Qknetimes used to intimidate school ofi Scials into abandoning or not even considering a plan to make condoms available.It discusses such legal issues as condom failure and product liability, mandates for sexuality education, health services in the school, consent, and criminal liability. Furthermore, public schools historically have played a role in providing health services and education as a public health strategy.Pending cases on condom availability are summarized and legal principles supporting condom availability are reviewed. Location of SBHCs with Condom Availability Programs 119 E. Many states require and provide funding for school nurses, health screening and prevention siervices. Health education and health services are already considered integral to school activities in many states. Id o •H C o •H Id • 3 H *J H -H M M « c j: c i: « u Id *J X2 Id o H O -d Id i4 c tr 3 ^ VI VI Id u Id 5 M VI Id -d C ? Did you learn anything in this training that you did not know before attending? Do you know how you will incorporate this new information into your work? Sog c e O O-H - o o Sob o O 4i y • 4i • C « TJ m ^ m m 3 4J J3 € a « 44 « M « 2 M 2 Is O O A M ^8 m *m 9 Is O M -tf 41 « • • « it M M O O 41 O M • M H « o • 41 H • 0«4 O O M H M 4i O o 4i . In fact, state and federal law may offer significant support for the school board, school administrator or youth-serving agency initiating an HIV/ AIDS or preg- nancy prevention program that tnakes condoms available on a voluntary basis to teens who engage in sexual intercourse. 0 m V d I p w o d p d o ttf d XI n * ' P I i« _ 9 0*M H u « -I H tr» if o T3 '-^ U d d o •« »» 2 P 8 fi H O -ITJ O II P d 0 II d V d fl Q*0 B o n 0 X2 P TJ C B V 9 n 9 o d fl ii « fl O HI rt •*! 9 5 II tr n II • rl d •I p -H «) H d nj ^4 il fl H fi ri -I M fl M p fl XI vll^OMV Ufl P«J V fl d o o - . ^ s §1 ■d *• o S «3 ^^43 r o m •:j 4i 4J X • « M -a l«4 • c :2 3r •c ERJC g*AI INa WHOYi Ji Y— €661 Od O Id c Id c Id c o •H Id u VI M 01 Vl «) :) V G u o (d o Ul C CL o c VI g 1 ^ ^ o *i ? How many people do you expect to reach in the next year with the information from the training? Do you have questions or concerns that were not addressed at the training? O 4i « ^ o M o M ^ « C « 4i • « • • « ja c aia %4 • ^ Vi « 4i 3 • « O 4i 4i O « • 4i 9 id • « O • X c o ja 4 u u M M H X K M • M 55 M l4 4i O M M M a M ERIC Expanded HIV/AIDS Education Program/Including Condom Availability HEALTH RESOURCE ENCOUNTER LOG Month: Name of School: Health Resource Volunteer: _ Sex: M F Title: Date Time of Day* M Check if condoms were provided Check if information or coun- seling was provided Questions or Comments TOTAL * Time of Day codes: BS«Before School; AM*morning; L*student*s lunch; PM«afternoon; and AS«After School ERIC 23u c o « u c 3 O C .5 . Nevertheless, while schools must exercise caution to comply with legal and procedural requirements, fear of legal action should not deter schools from discussing, developing or implementing a policy to make condoms available.

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