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There is a trilemma at play – each blockchain is balancing the triangle of speed, decentralization, and security where you can only pick two with current technology.For example, for Ethereum to scale with current innovations, the platform must sacrifice either its security, or its decentralized nature.

One, identified that blockchains need to be faster to facilitate large scale, consumer-grade adoption.

The DAO was treated the same way as every other smart contract.

In poker, do we really care about putting every step of that game onto the chain?

To do this, Larimer used a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPo S) consensus mechanism that sacrifices decentralization for speed, but to a point where Larimer still believes the system is “decentralized enough” because it is censorship resistant.

In an ideal Po S environment, any token holder can secure the network proportionally to the amount of tokens they hold, but to make the EOS blockchain more efficient, Larimer decided that the community would delegate 21 block producers through dynamic on-chain voting to make decisions and process blocks for the platform.

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