Dating vegaphone banjo

A spun brass outer shell, and square tubular inner ring with round sound holes, these components create a light weight tone ring with a warm, round, vibrant tone.This tone ring design has been a favorite of great dixieland players, resembles the holy grail for the old time banjoists, and had it's big revival in the folk era with Pete Seeger and the Kingston Trio in the Vega Long Necks.(The Vega order and shipping records have not turned up, either.) Britt Thank you for all your information.I am still trying to assimilate information about this wonderful instrument.

So thereare gaps at the high end of each thousand series -- since Fairbanksnever made more that 1000 banjos year.Smakula has quoted 58982 as having a clear "Apr 1923" printed on the instrument) 60306/61899/62930/63139/63434 (all have mixed Vegaphone identification attributes i.e.Scale/Flanges/Tailpiece/etc..) 63909 is a fully stamped Vegaphone Launch in Q3 1923. The Soloist would be introduced in June 1925 (SN ~82000) - The Vegaphone model also incorporated a new Resonator called the "Magnatone". Vegavox (Intro/Launch July 1927 in Crescendo Magazine): corresponds to within one/two months before David L Day's departure from Vega to Bacon Banjo Co.I find the more I know of its history the more I am drawn into it.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

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