Dating sweet spot

Only where your team is provided relevant, concise and context-enriched information will they make effective data-based decisions.Sweetspot makes it simple to create custom metrics that really speak the language of your organization and answer your key questions.Scale efficiently at both data and presentation level while still retaining the ability to personalize individual dashboards where required.In addition, scale with control using our robust user management and permissions system to ensure that each individual can access and act on the information they need, while protecting sensitive data.Safeguard your data and rest assured that all reports meet privacy compliance regulations, including the GDPR. Our platform is Information Security Management 27001 certified, and audited on a yearly basis under this framework for the legal, physical and technical control of big data.Additionally, Sweetspot proudly complies with all personal data privacy regulations.Incite action and facilitate data consumption by telling compelling stories around your data.Storytelling elements paint a clear picture by combining written observations and recommendations directly on your dashboard.

“So, pace yourself.” Make a personal commitment to leave time in your schedule just for you.

Not only are you able to put data together in the most flexible manner, but also to visualize it, present it, distribute it, and deliver it as you wish.

Our extensive visualization library, Storytelling functionalities and dashboard personalization allow you to tell impactful stories branded with your corporate image.

So, how can you date around without burning yourself out?

According to relationship expert April Masini, all it takes is a little intention about how you want to structure your dating life.

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