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John Mac Leod elaborates on the context for these first two bands.So Steven always had a band, always had a great band. He’d get up in the school show: he’d play a song he wrote on his 12-string acoustic, then he’d get up [in the Teen Tempos] with Mary and Sue and John Ford and this guy John Betts, who was this absolutely phenomenal drummer — big, tall gangly guy — and do some early 60s songs, like “Bobby’s Girl” and stuff like that. And then he’d get up in the end with John Corbett and another guy and play like a power-trio boogie rock thing [with Corbett Davey Gillison] to end the school show. [John Mac Leod] I if remember correctly, we only did four or five songs. Barry Gillison, the drummer, I think wanted to be a jazz drummer, and just did us a favor for that one thing. [John Corbett]: John Corbett (bass), John Betts (drums), Joe Peters (keyboards), Steven Davey (guitar).[This is the final section of the blog post “how the Queen Street West scene began, pt.1: the Thornhill sound”] In the rec rooms, bedrooms, and garages of the “Thornhill weirdos,” built upon a foundation of record collecting, TV viewing, and alcohol and drug consumption, emerged a number of musical groups — “bands that lasted days, sometimes months and even years for some of us,” as Martha Johnson remembers — that have been mostly lost to time until now.And I do remember, common to what Ford was saying, that “Astronomy Domine” was always dragged out, so it was that kind of material.[John Mac Leod]: Johnny Mac Leod (guitar), Carl Finkle (organ), Dean Moffatt (vocals), Peter Atkins (guitar), David Kirkland (bass), David Franklin (drums).There was some sort of thing in the school auditorium gymnasium thingy, and you know, it went well. Perhaps telling of the impermanence of this group is that my informants couldn’t concur on its name — was it Flying? “It was a couple of names, if I remember correctly,” says John Corbett.“That one was pretty short lived, if I’m not mistaken.” “Kinks inspired,” remembers Owen Burgess of this group.

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Mary Ford was John’s older sister (they were two of nine Ford children).

Yeah, Mary and Sue did costumes also, and they were like the back-up singers.

[John Ford] The Teen Tempos are the only Thornhill band among this high school cohort with women as members until Martha Johnson took part in Marzipan in 1972 (see below).

There was a guy called Peter Atkins, as in Chet Atkins.

Now, Peter Atkins went on to become an ophthalmologist and is probably retired and living the good life by now.

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