Dating reverse glass painting

Asunta Pelaez Ramos, a native to the Andes Mountains in Peru, has been dedicated to this art form since the tender age of 17… As mentioned, the process takes loads of practice and patience, both of which Pelaez Ramos exhibits with ease.

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This will be the first exhibition in Switzerland devoted exclusively to this art created in China between 17, retracing its long history: from its conception in the 18 In 2018, the reverse glass paintings collection of the Vitromusée Romont was enriched thanks to a donation from the artist Jochem Poensgen of 59 reverse glass paintings and five works on paper.I have noticed too that the control the process gives children, allowing them to create an image that is clear and easy to read, provides a genuine sense surprise and accomplishment. It is best to get it cut in store if you have all the measurements (can be cut at home by scoring a line and snapping it at home if you are brave…. Certain oils/pigments can also react to the Plexiglas.can be very exciting…as you work in reverse without any props….. I have made a few paintings with oils (and some mixed media) but I quickly switched over to acrylic for ease, speed and predictability).Often times in an artist’s life, they can go through an experimental period in which they discover which mediums and techniques best suit their craft.One technique that is often overlooked, perhaps due to its rare and challenging nature, is reverse painting on glass.

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