Dating resume tip

I’m seeing so many companies that try to show how hip they are and they show nothing but young 20 something people in their ads…

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Don’t include your birth date, graduation date, or, if you can avoid it, dates of employment.” Instead, Bowers suggests organizing your resume around “functional skills clusters to de-emphasize dates.” Here’s how you can learn more about creating a functional resume (with or without dates). Career coach Miriam Salpeter advocates always including dates on your resume in relation to your job experience.

I also have Neuropathy and a bad knee, so can’t drive a truck. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why I couldn’t get a job except for my age.

I guess also having a past embolism deters that career as well, as you are in a sitting position too long. I will officially be on the streets in about two weeks. Maybe we should get all of the people on these comments and start our own company!!

After years of running into a wall, I no longer think a potential employer will see my benefits, no matter how I package myself.

My plan is to get ANY type of employment, in my field or not, and develop creative projects with high income potential on the side.

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