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But the honor of “Penthouse Pet” still meant something, and a certifiable Vintage Penthouse Pet making a move into the porno world was still news.Guccione was originally set on having Maria Schneider to play the role of Drusilla, Caligula’s beloved sister and lover, but Scheider backed out of the project when she realized that her character would be involved in nude sex scenes.When the other girls leave the threesome, the audience catches a glimpse of savoy’s lift nipple as the entwined lovers continue to fondle each other.Despite being enrolled in a threesome, Mirren’s nipple remains hidden throughout the scene.This goes to show that even the life and career of a beautiful and enigmatic actress like Savoy can be plagued by mysterious facts and speculations.Although she might have appeared in many films during this time, she was not credited for her part.I think I was all of twelve when the lovely brunette Billie Deane was the Penthouse Pet of the Month for March, 1972. Billie Deane wasn’t even really Billie Deane, apparently. The big news—the big scandal, at the time—was the full frontal nudity, pubic hair and all, which Playboy prude, Hugh Hefner, vowed he would never, ever show. Now that pubic hair styles are trendy, it is not only no longer a big deal but shaved and waxed, we can look past the bush and see the other qualities that made Bob Guccione's girls special. Maybe that’s what made them such a powerful draw to 12-year-old wannabe bohos like myself who’d discovered a stack of Penthouses in some garage or other.It was the nom du nude modeling used by Gillian Duxbury. The early 70’s were a crucial time for the Bob Guccione aesthetic in erotic photography, but most people who followed Bob’s work aren’t necessarily aware that the magazine Penthouse itself had begun quite a few years prior to the onset of “The Me Decade…” After humble pinup beginnings during which he pioneered the concept of what he then called the “Gucci Girl,” Bob started Penthouse in 1965 and premiered the magazine in the U. While Playboy put their girls in outdoorsy and largely all-American settings, with leggings and props, Penthouse Magazine evoked a much more bohemian lifestyle. Marianne Gordon, the April 1972 Penthouse Pet of the Month, and Marianne Gordon, the one-time wife of pop star, roasted chicken magnate, and all around “know when to hold ‘em” fella Kenny Rogers; are they in fact positively the same dame?

As Drusilla, Savoy engaged in many erotic scenes but the one scene in which she really shined was her threesome with Helen Mirren.

However, that doesn’t mean that she had faded into mediocrity.

In fact, according to sources, she made an another appearance in the 2000 film, La Fabbrica del Vapore, the first Italian digital movie. Williams, was not only the Penthouse Pet of the month in June 1992, but she appeared in over 100 adult movies in her career.

As an artist he chose his women from an internal perception of beauty that transcended society's norms and historical practice.

Show less Beautiful women were attracted to the world of Penthouse Magazine and founder, photographer Bob Guccione.

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