Dating policy sears

There are three different time frames that items can be returned. Electronics and computers should be returned in 30 days. You buy items, you get home, try it on; I didn't like it.!! My last attempt, was over a month later and they said during live chat they would force it through.If there is any damage to the product, the customer needs to make the store aware of this. Certain items can only be exchanged instead of refunded, and these include electronics. I was super excited when they were delivered until I got home and it was completely wrong! Return to the store and they don't take returns anymore?????? Still to this day, never got that refund from them.I do understand your policy but the box has not been opened and again i was not satisfied with that appliance. Let me know what you recommend and I would very much like to change the refirgerrator.Thank You Kindly I've been going around and around and around trying to return something it keeps saying the policy is good but they don't back it how do you return something when you go to the site to tell you to go to and it don't exist what a joke I wouldn't shop at Sears for nothing I ordered a part in May from Sears it was backordered I canceled the order they return my money to my credit card again this order was canceled at this time in September I received a package in the mail it was the order from Sears they charge my credit card which I had paid off had a zero balance now I'm having a hard time after shipping the product back to them getting my money back it's a big runaround don't shop at Sears Sears returns / refunds This comment is directed to "Stop acting so entitled".Sears makes every effort to make customers happy when it comes to a return or an exchange of an item.

A month later, we just received a refund check that bounced.When that didn't happen, I called and they said they needed my credit card information.I gave it to them and they said I would have the refund within 72 hours.Still can't explain why we did not get the refund back on our card. I was not satisfied with the refirgerrator and would like to exchange it for another style that I saw at Sears store in Laredo Texas.But I was told I could not do the exchange because it has been over 30 days.

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