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Ask her about herself A good conversation is like a tennis match.Imagine the ball is the conversation, and you and the lady you are getting to know are the players.That way she will know you have made an effort, and she will appreciate it.Leave the ex out of it During the course of the conversation, never EVER badmouth your ex.

Further down the line it might come up; at some point we all visit the ex-files, but in the early stages all it will achieve is to give the lady a taste of how badly you take a break-up. The golden rule for cyber-dating is that your behaviour online should be no different to your behaviour in real life.

Treat any female you meet (both on and off line) with respect and kindness and it will pay dividends.

If you live by a gentleman’s code of conduct, you will attract a lady.

Focus on a fact she has included and use that as an icebreaker.

A one-word opener doesn’t bode well for deep and meaningful conversation.

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