Dating mexican mexican american women

Mexican girls like to drink (particularly in the north) and if you're not ready to spend a bit of money to keep up, they will think you're no fun. Or, if you prefer bars to set the mood, pick one close to your house.Have a drink or two there and then suggest drinks at your apartment. I've found that with dating Mexican women, it is best to start slow.

You won't get too far if you can't have a laugh or two. If you want to get an idea of what Mexican girls are like before you go, and have more opportunities dating in Mexico the best way to do that is to talk to as many as you can.

So you'll be pretty safe insulting the current government (at the time of writing). However, I would suggest that when you go to the bar to order a water or juice, maybe buy a round for the girl(s) you're with. Status is quite important here and it's just not a good look.

As you get to know her better, feel free to express your opinions on her country more forwardly, but in the early stages it is best to keep things light. If you're not willing to spend at least a night in the bars and clubs, it's best to stay home. Now, this doesn't mean that you always have to be buying girls drinks and meals - one great thing about dating Mexican girls is that they'll pay their share more than other Latinas (ahem Colombians...). If you're low on money in Mexico (I've been there), opt for coffee shop dates instead of restaurants.

Mexican girls (again, like girls everywhere) love attention and will often be leading a few dudes on. If she speaks really good English and has spent a semester in Europe, there's a good chance she's buried more bones than an undertaker.

If your girl is doing this even after you've laid down your rules, cut her loose. As a rule, you're going to want to avoid girls that only date gringos. I'll write a post on how to avoid gringo hunters soon, so stay tuned!

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