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, I decided to get back on Tinder in time for my semester abroad in London.

I’d used the app before at school and, truthfully, I didn’t love seeing so many familiar faces.

All this makes for an unusual day out that will get the humour flowing and strike up a conversation with your partner on just how wacky yet politically poignant some of the work is.

Chick ‘n’ Sours A combination of amazing herby deep fried chicken and cocktails – could just make this the perfect food eatery for a date.

We have a short back and forth, but I end up forgetting to answer him because I go sightseeing at the Tower of London for a couple of hours.

Rebel Bingo Fear not this is bingo but not as you know it.

Two new matches seem promising: Johnny* and Alfonso*.

They take such different approaches to their first messages. Even though I like Johnny’s approach better, I decide to message Alfonso back first because I feel like he’ll respond much faster.

Autumn is in full swing now and the arrival of shorter days and longer nights may make you want to stay in and chat with your potential date online, but if you can tear yourself away from the digital world there are some great events and eateries that make great alternative ideas for a first date.

Here are a mix of things, for the younger and the over 40’s daters, that caught our eye for alternative dates and there’s not a dreary Weatherspoons in sight!

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