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What is even better, Fiedler is able to spin a tale that never was told and easily existed that connects to Romeo and Juliet, just as the film Shakespeare in love has distant ties to another Shakespearean tale - Fiedler is able to bring Shakespeare to a modern day, through HER eyes perspective and raise interest from the first page.

If this was one novel overlooked in a collection due to not considering how it aligns with school curriculum and bringing this to the attention of educators and patrons, think of how many more texts exist in the same category?

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Arguing that a sentence like "You have thy banana" (not an actual sentence from the book, but close enough) was ever correct grammar is a fruitless task. It reminds me of a quote I heard once with reference to another book: "This is not a book to be lightly tossed aside -- it should be thrown with great force."How many individuals that work in a library don't even realize WHAT is in their collection or why?What if Ophelia and Hamlet lived happily ever after? It's very i What if Hamlet's madness was all an act and Ophelia was in on the whole thing?What if Ophelia and Hamlet lived happily ever after? It's very interesting seeing the major events of the play through Ophelia's eyes.I'm not averse to people adapting very good literature like Hamlet and putting a fun twist on the story. Simply looking at the date published, the number of times checked out, the condition of course are factors.But ever wonder if the number of times checked out is misaligned with a text actually aligning with a curriculum that a school maintains?

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