Dating for artists

One gallerist told me that while she has never dated an artist, she has “enough co-dependent ones to know I’ll never be able to go there.” Her business partner weighed in with: “Never dated an artist, but I imagine existential conversations would be for breakfast.” Hmmm, so do we.

Happy Valentines day – at the gallery, museum, studio or at home – wherever you are today. @arthandlermag #valentinesday #museum #tinder #naughty #artworld #fun #norosesplease A post shared by The Art Gorgeous (@the_art_gorgeous) on To make the conversation balanced, I also spoke to artists themselves about what they think.

But compared to what everyone else is saying, it seems that I must have dated the most calm, easy-going artist out there.

He was a gentleman, and even though it didn’t work out, we’re still friends. Artists are changeable, emotional, egoistic individuals, but they do have a gentle, sensitive side and to be honest, you’re probably best working out the pros and cons by dating an artist yourself.

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