Dating fashion magazines

In the year 1988, when dying of Alzheimer’s disease, circulation of On the other side of the Atlantic, in USA begins the golden era of magazines.

Unfortunately, he died very young, aged 30, and his partner Henry Luce continued development of starts to lose money, and in the 1948 is redesigned, both in graphics and in journalistic terms, and becomes an ordinary business magazine.As the owner of several newspapers across America, he engages in a merciless battle for readers with his mentor, Joseph Pulitzer.During the Cuban War for Independence, Hearst and Pulitzer published in their newspapers images of tortured and starving Cuban troops.Would we care as much about these two if they were in a public relationship? This passionate-but-not-in-love thing is kind of their shtick.To which we present this wholly convincing Twitter thread via Tessa Tirtue.

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