Dating after 5 year relationship

I stayed up until the sun started to rise and the birds started to chirp. I talked with friends late into the night in their kitchens, drinking coffee with Baileys, and purging myself of the entire experience, word by word.I texted and called my girlfriends in tears, confusion and just general feelings of being lost.

I had one one-night stand (which I wouldn't re-do in hindsight, but it helped me learn my boundaries when it came to sex and experimentation). But never, go back to your ex to satisfy your needs in moments of weakness.

My boyfriend forgave me and wanted to continue our relationship, but I knew once I had crossed that line, nothing could ever be the same. Both of these relationships were devastating in their own ways.

There's nothing like ending things with your first love, experiencing your first major heartbreak, and not knowing — for the first time in a long time — how to function on your own.

The guy I sought out to fill the void was a selfish bro who was more than willing to sling insults my way when I didn't move fast enough for him. Hell, there are plenty of battery-operated devices that can give you what you want. The best advice I can give here is if you're yearning for friendship, it's not time to be friends.

Only when you could take it or leave it should you try, and only if they're in the same mental space as you.

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