Danielle lloyd who is she dating

A large upsurge in complaints occurred after a conversation between Lloyd and O'Meara was shown, during which Lloyd mentioned that she didn't like Shetty touching her food because she didn't "know where her hands have been".In 2007, Lloyd launched a mobile phone safety campaign after her own mobile was stolen in a Liverpool club. She was formerly the winner of Miss England in 2004, and Miss Britain in 2006.She has stared in several TV shows and magazines, namely Celebrity Big Brother 5 and Playboy magazine LLOYD Gender: Masculine Usage: English From a surname which was derived from Welsh llwyd meaning "grey".She also participated in a Glamour Models Special of The Weakest Link, winning £8,950.January 2007, Danielle appeared on Celebrity Big Brother. All three were accused of racist and bullying behaviour toward fellow contestant Indian actress Shilpa Shetty, resulting in a record number of complaints to Ofcom, national and international media coverage, and condemnatory statements from the British and Indian governments.And because u dont even know who your on about, your whole thread is a waste of time, go cut some pine trees down, its xmas soon Are you stupid? who was racist to an Indian woman in Big Brother, she now has cancer and has 2 white children has she has only been with white men, although her father is half black.DANIELLE LLOYD is married to former pro footballer TEDDY SHERINGHAM, before u start ranting about things, how about u get the peoples NAMES right, this prevents confusion to facts and figures and doesnt make u sound as much of an idiot next time.

A former Miss England (2004) and Miss Great Britain (2006), she first rose to prominence when she was stripped of her Miss Great Britain title after posing nude in the December 2006 edition of Playboy magazine. In January 2007 she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother.She received the highest average scores from the other contestants and won the competition.She donated her prize money to Bliss, the special care baby charity.She won the celebrity edition of The Weakest Link in 2008 and Total Wipeout in 2010.On 2 November 2006, she was stripped of her title "following recent claims in the press and magazines and the publicity given on the Playboy website for their next issue", according to the Miss Great Britain website.

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