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I recommend Tool Box some fun non drag shows...An old favorite was Blue Chilli now is very dated with same old drag show and all the local queens as their a pass! m a sexy cute Ladyboy from Bangkok area in Thailand. Massages can be arranged for any time of the day or any day of the week and I will come to your home/apartment/office or Hotel to conduct the massage service. My number is 66 874932497 or 08 74932497 Please contact me if your interested in meeting up for a great time together.I currently offer a Massage service to men and women from around the world who are traveling in Bangkok Thailand or living long term in Bangkok I? This is my new mobile number 66889604972 from outside Thailand or 0889604972 from inside Thailand.-Mil-Surp-Phreak-, -Z/28-, 1969sschevelle, 1time, 2nd Charter, 303_enfield, 357Max, 3paul10, 85Mike TPI, 94hokie, Aamdskeetshooter, abeaty, Allen65, arbud, Art3, Assists21, Atlantic Guns, Atlasarmory, Augie, babalou, Baccusboy, Balzer94, bartojb1, Batt816, BBest Pawn, bbrown, BDurk, bearabledust, Bertfish, bg71361, Biggfoot44, Bigstacks, Bisleyfan44, Blazin, Blue Fin, bmonast, Bob A, Bornewinner, Boss94, Bossman PJ, Boxcab, Brickman301, brooksie, Buster Brown, buster7896, CATMdude, Chevyman85, chillman, chuck, cjl7, cliffordhubbard, Clovis, Clump, Cochise, Cronus TRD, Crue Chief, danimalw, Dan Jo, dannyp, Daveyboysmith, dementlr, dgapilot, dieselfarmboy, djcerna, dlmarion, Doc Peanut, Docster, Doctor Bob, Dogmeat, Don H, Dont Tread On Me, Dutch V, Earnest T, edrod68, Ellegon, Engine4, engineerbrian, F-Stop, Fedora, FFBWMD, Fiddlersgreen, Fishguy, Flipz, fnfalsar48, fogman, foodpoison, fordmech00, FPL53, Frank M, fred55, garciacorp, Gcs7th, Geno Bluz Gtr, gforce, GHETTO BLASTER, Ghostrider1, gizzard, Glaron, gmharle, goldcup1911, Goldslammer, govwontletmebuycoolguns, gprimr1, Guitarman Nick, Hattie, hdatontodo, hillbilly grandpa, hobbycollector, Ho Co Res, hogarth, honukane, hooligan82, Horseman308, HRDWRK, Huckleberry, Ijust Cant Aim, Ink Crazy, inkd, Irish64, IX-3, J-Dog, J1911, jamesenoch, JB62, jc1240, jeganrocks, jhud10, Jimbob2.0, jimboman2000, Jimmy D, jj262, Joe Blow, Joe Bob, john12187, Johnny E, Jollyllama, Joncorleone, Joseph, JPG, jstolz, JTH20, justiw, Jweiss013, kalister1, kenpo333, Kevnev, Keystone70, kgain673, KH195, killng, KJackson, km04, Kman, kmittleman, lawrencewendall, LCPIWB, Leeann, Lemon328i, LGoodwin, linkstate, Lloyd, Luigi2020, lumbermut, Magnumst, makijo, Mako, Mark392001, Markin MD, Matt C., mbtech, MDGolom, Merc1973, Metaterra, mgbill, Mightydog, Mike511, Mike SP, Milsurp Dan, MJD438, mkonopik, MMartini1969, Moco Jed, mopar92, mosin24, Mr H, Mr.

Please call me or email me on Aemmie on 66 8 2345 3817 from Outside Thailand. Or by email at aemmiegik2007 at I hope to meet some of the sexy guys from here soon in bangkok.

m a Wat Pho qualified masseuse I offer the following types of real professional Thai massage services for people in Bangkok Thailand 1. I'm located in Bangkok and still available for massages and more.

I'm hoping to meet up with some of you soon in Bangkok New Phone Numbers: Please call me on 66 8 74932497 OR 66 8 79284124 from Outside Thailand. I can come to your home or hotel anywhere in Bangkok. By the way if anyone is in Bangkok I'm still doing massages and more to guys visiting.

We are both interested in having fun with some money boys and local boys in town. Do they use the gay apps like Grindr or Hornet, or do we meet them elsewhere?

We know absolutely nothing about the Cambodian gay scene, so any informaiton would be helpful. We are planning to stay at the Men's Resort or the Banana Hotel.

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