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Alice Glass left the group in October 2014, and Crystal Castles was said to be disbanded, though new Crystal Castles music was posted online in 2015 featuring a new vocalist.

At times, for example, samples are either sounding too abrupt for the song’s own good (that DFA 1979 bit at the very end of ‘Untrust Us’ feels more like a studio mistake than anything else), while the recording of an “unmixed” practice of singer Alice (tautologically called “Alice Practice”) is raw technologically-enhanced punk that is both highly unmusical and conceptually fascinating.

But what consequently appears contradictory on paper somehow sounds terribly coherent on album, and the duo’s eponymous long player reveals itself to be an engaging beast.

Recalling the DIY aesthetics of once-youthful Scottish trio BIS as well as Detroit’s own Adult.

Their second album, although very different, is just as much a masterpiece as the first. Do I live under a rock and haven't heard other electronic music? We've heard all these sounds and beats a billion times before. You're trying to look like you rock and don't give a fuck.

Despite what others say, I think CC has a highly unique sound. (Honestly, their beats are insanely boring and lifeless). I mean, you make it REALLY obvious that you're trying REALLY hard to look cool when every pic taken of you has you looking unhappy and out-of-it with a whiskey bottle in your hand and a cig in your mouth... But this shit doesn't rock and you clearly do give a fuck based on how hard you try.

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