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Also, if he is not working towards a good, stable and highly remunerative job, this will be a sticking point that many parents will not tolerate lightly.I recently became aware of the experience of one of my close friends from church who was dating another close friend from the church.LONDON - Cultural pressures can make the dating world seem like an overwhelming mine field.I remember the first time I felt the pressure to get married.“The claim that we subject girls to virginity test­ing has nothing to do with reality.” Like other Egyptians, Christian parents are strongly opposed to their daughters having premarital sex.In southern Egypt, where com­munities are dominated by strict tribal, family and religious rules, virginity is a serious issue.Choosing from the same church or culture also is not enough.If his family is not to the same social or financial standard of your family, that could be a pesky issue.

It is a very upsetting and unsettling thought that good-hearted young men are being shunned for something that is too often indefinable and out of their control.

“The tests will be obligatory in all churches by next July,” Naggar said.

“The church just wants to ensure that wives-to-be are virgins before marriage.” Coptic Orthodox Church spokes­man Bishop Polis Halim denied claims of virginity testing.

A man could be killed by a wom­an’s family if he has had an affair with the woman.

A woman could be killed by her relatives if she has — or is rumoured to have — lost her vir­ginity outside marriage.

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