Concrete5 rss displayer not updating

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concrete5 version 8.3 contains a lot of new features.

(Note: make sure you place the attribute in an attribute set – the attribute sets themselves are displayed as tabs in the editing interface, with the attributes displayed in the tabs.) There are two new calendar blocks in 8.3.0 – the Calendar block, and the Event List block.

The calendar block is perfect for displaying a pageable calendar on the front-end of your site, with support for lightbox data, linking to event detail pages, asynchronous loading of events, and more.

Here I'm creating one called "School Calendar." When you create events in a concrete5 calendar, these are their own special types of object. You can however, link them to pages – and even do so automatically.

The biggest of these is an integrated new calendar.

Based on the previously commercial core team Calendar add-on for version 5.7 and above, the integrated calendar builds upon this backbone to offer more features than any calendar add-on has for concrete5.

You enjoy what you do, but sometimes it’s frustrating when you don’t seem to have as many listeners as you’d like.

And if a listener likes you, you’re never quite sure they’ll come back. If you already have an RSS feed for your website, that’s great.

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